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Silence & Thunder

3-4 in the decider. 40-Ad, 2nd service. Now. Serve&half-volley drop shot. Silence and thunder. Genius. @Wimbledon @NikeTennis @rogerfederer

Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining over the Centre Court.

No seats left.
Two white outfits are dancing upon a grass lawn. It’s been 3 hours since it all started, but everything has vanished now. Now it’s 3-4 in the decider. 40-Ad, second service.

Drops of sweat are lining the pristine bandana. The ball seems heavier and the 98 inches prototype feels bulky. Body and mind are soring. Heart is pounding.

Now it’s the time.

Serve & half-volley drop shot. The silence turns into thunder.

Pure Genius.

This is tennis.


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